Privacy policy of the SETLO Company

1. Respecting your laws and personal data protection law we undertake to preserve the safety and confidentiality of obtained personal details. Every employee of the SETLO Company was appropriately instructed in the processing of personal details.

2. Administrator of personal details: SETLO Company Paweł Woźny.

3. In our base we collect the following personal data:
• Name and surname/company name – while placing an order you will be asked to give your full name in order to send you a trade offer and retain the possibility to contact with you.
• Place of residence/company address – is needed to dispatch the ordered goods.
• Phone number – sometimes we call in order to confirm the order or in case of unexpected events e.g. lack of goods in stock, simultaneously suggesting a favorable solution.
• E-mail – via e-mail we send an order confirmation as well as we contact with you.
• Address – information resulting from general rules of the connections realized on Internet such as IP address (and other information included in the system logs) are used by the server administrator for technical purposes. IP addresses also can be used in statistical purposes – to collect general demographic information (e.g. about the region from which follows the connection).
• Cookies – our website uses technology Cookies in order to adapt service to your individual needs. You can agree so that your entered data were remembered and you could without repeat writing down use them at next visit on the website. Owners of other websites won’t have access to this data. If you don’t agree to personalize service, we propose to turn off the personnel cookies in the browser options.

4.Giving above data is necessary in the following cases:
• Purchase in our shop without logging account after the realization of such order from our base we remove all data which may identify your person (name, surname, address, phone number, e-mail). Remains only the sales document stored to fiscal needs.
• Registration in the client base – is voluntary. We stored this data in the base to facilitate purchase in our online shop in the future.

5.Every User of our service has an option of whether and what scope wants to use our services as well as to provide own information. If from any reasons you don’t want to leave your personal data, you have the right to remove them or not use our service.

6. We don’t provide any data to third parties. We also don’t store confidential data as the numbers of your credit cards or data access to your bank account.

7. In accordance with provisions of the personal data protection act from 29 August 1997, Journal of Laws No. 133 pos. 883 with further changes, you have the right to correct, add, update and demand to remove your personal details. For that purpose send e-mail to or by registered mail to the address: SETLO Paweł Woźny, 61-687 Poznan, Os. Przyjaźni 13/80.

Regulations of placing orders

1. Prices of products listed on our site are suggested final prices for the end user.

2. For wholesale customers and distributors individual discounts are established.

3. Trade offer is prepared every time based on the e-mail, mail or phone enquiry.

4. Every trade offer contains also the delivery time, dispatch costs and payment method..

5. For delays with delivery resulting from random events or so-called force majeure the SETLO Company doesn’t bear responsibility.

6. Dispatches are carried out by Courier Company on the customer expenses or if the customer holds signed agreement with the Courier Company, based on courier order. There is a possibility to dispatch goods via Polish-Post.

7. If the end user customers aren’t able to find the distributor in his area, can place a retail order in the SETLO Company by e-mail. In this case apply the gross price in the price list.

8. Filling an application form as the wholesale customers means the consent to place customer on the sellers list.

9. SETLO Company reserves the right to break commercial cooperation at any moment but after earlier completion or cancellation of outstanding orders.

10. All distributors being on the SETLO Company list have the right to use promotion and advertising materials as well as post them on their website or promotional leaflets.

11. SETLO Company reserves the right to change prices of products contained in the offer.

12. Prices posted on the SETLO Company website, as well as descriptions of goods constitute only information and aren’t a trade offer or an offer as defined in the civil code.

13. SETLO Company reserves the right to release new goods to offer, to carry out and remove promotion campaigns or implement changes in them..

14. In some cases SETLO Company may ask to confirm the order. Orders which won’t be imitated to confirm will be canceled.

15. As the VAT payer SETLO Company Paweł Woźny, issues to all sold goods the VAT invoices.

16. SETLO Company out of concern for full customer satisfaction offers assistance in case of return purchased goods, appearance of need to provide the service or make a complaint.